Heather McPherson, CEO and President, Women's College Hospital and Jennifer Bernard, CEO & President of Women's College Hospital Foundation walk down a brightly lit hospital hallway

A Message from our Leaders

Leading Women’s College Hospital is an inspiring and challenging responsibility. It is a promise of partnership to our diverse and changing communities of patients, to science and discovery, to our health system and to training the healthcare leaders of the future. It is also a commitment to giving our best every day to our staff, clinicians and scientists, and to the donors who believe in the work we do and support our hospital so generously.

At Women’s, we have a bold vision to create a healthier, more equitable world for all. We advocate for health equity because we know that a healthy society requires a level playing field where everyone has access to timely, high quality and compassionate care. This means creating programs and services that enhance our health system and solve its most pressing challenges for the people who need it most.

In the pages that follow, you’ll read stories about our Women’s College Hospital community—our health experts, our patients, our researchers and our donors. You’ll learn how we are all working together to ensure that healthcare becomes more accessible, inclusive and effective—now and for decades to come.

We are Women’s and we are revolutionizing healthcare for everyone.

Heather McPherson
Heather McPherson
Jennifer Bernard
Jennifer Bernard
Wendy Cukier
Christopher Knight

Thank you to our board members for sharing their time and expertise to help us revolutionize healthcare for a healthier, more equitable world.

Women’s College Hospital

  • Wendy Cukier – Chair
  • Tammy Brown – Vice Chair
  • Benita Warmbold – Vice Chair
  • Paula Allen
  • Hania Amad
  • Dr. Viola Antao
  • Bonnie Bloomberg
  • David Court
  • JoAnne Doyle
  • Marilyn Emery
  • Michael Foulkes
  • Dr. Paula Harvey
  • Ani Hotoyan-Joly
  • Michelle Khalili
  • Christopher Knight
  • Dr. Brad Lichtblau
  • Anne McGuire
  • Heather McPherson
  • Jennifer Price
  • Maya Roy
  • David Tsubouchi
  • Donna Walwyn
  • Dr. Lynn Wilson

Women’s College Hospital Foundation

  • Christopher Knight – Chair
  • Eden M. Oliver – Vice Chair
  • Debbie Simpson – Vice Chair
  • Elle AyoubZadeh
  • Gail Cecil
  • Carol Cowan (ex officio)
  • Wendy Cukier (ex officio)
  • Paul Damp
  • V. Ann Davis
  • Stephen Dowd
  • Elizabeth L.W. Fanjoy
  • Susan Garnet (ex officio)
  • Dr. Paula Harvey (ex officio)
  • Jane E. Kinney
  • Blair Levinsky
  • Ron McEachern
  • Heather McPherson (ex officio)
  • Joanne Mealia
  • Paul Melville-Gray
  • Jennifer Ocampo-King
  • Marisa Piattelli
  • Jennifer Reynolds
  • Maryam Sanati
  • Kara Wood